Make tomorrow
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We create brand identities that express purpose and create impact for businesses, people and the environment. We do this by finding their unique stories and bringing them to life.

Sustainable businesses have specific challenges. It might be expressing your ‘purpose’ in a meaningful way, or showing your sustainable credentials without appearing to be ‘greenwashing’, or a number of other complex issues to navigate.

We are an agile team of highly experienced brand specialists with a passion for the growing sustainability sector and creating a better future for humans and non-humans.

It’s often a collaboration with creative minds and our network consists of smart complementary talents with the skills and knowhow to help bring it all to life. The designers, brand strategists, web developers, photographers, copywriters, videographers, animators, market researchers, media buyers and other specialists.

Why work with us?

Collectively over 50 years of creating successful and enduring brands. We’ve done it many times before and understand your challenges. Our experience often raises issues that haven’t been considered.

Purposeful design
We create value with strategy and design to fit the big picture. The design serves the brand purpose and the business objectives.

Directly by the design team leaders, not by account managers. There’s no communication filters here.

Care factor 
We listen closely, make suggestions and have your best interests at heart.

Beyond the brief
Maybe there’s things you don’t know you need. We’ll always look for other ways and means.

Agile. Flexible. Pro-active
We are a dedicated scalable team focused on your success. We are not a greedy agency machine with inflated egos and KPIs.

No nonsense
We tell it like it is, avoid gratuitous industry jargon and keep it simple.
We believe the truth will set you free.

It’s work but it can also be fun. Really.

If this sounds right to you then get in touch, let’s have a chat and get to work making your tomorrow.



Hi, I’m Kelly Mitchell, founder of Make Tomorrow.

A bit about me. I’ve worked as a brand consultant, creative director and designer for over 28 years with renowned brand and design agencies in Sydney, London and Amsterdam. I have been co-founder and creative director of an award-winning design consultancy in Sydney and am now on a mission to Make Tomorrow.

I believe in keeping it real. My experience has taught me that there’s a lot of fake noise, bandwagons and posturing out there, you won’t get that here. For us it’s all about the influence and value created from pairing effective strategic thinking with smart words, powerful imagery and sexy design. What that means is listening well, doing the research, collaborating with people, finding the truth and making it attractive to the right audience. Because as Carl Buechner says, ‘customers may forget what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.’

I’m also a father, son, brother, husband, homeowner, photographer, surfer, under-15 womens’ football coach, West Ham United tragic, frustratingly inconsistent tennis player, craft beer appreciator, humanist, traveller, strong believer in environmental preservation & social justice, the great outdoors, red wine and large flat whites. OK, I’m done.












Clients we've worked with

Whilst we are proud of our previous projects and experience we don’t like to dwell on the past. As you might have noticed we’re all about the limitless possibilities of the future.

Our breadth of experience means we’ve most likely encountered your challenges before. However we don’t rely on a formulaic approach and bring an open mind and fresh perspective to every brief.

Here’s just some of the clients we’ve worked with.




All sectors


“Collaborating with Kelly at Make Tomorrow™ and ReWild Projects exceeded our expectations. Not only did they successfully achieve our goals, but the entire experience was marked by a positive and collaborative spirit.

They skillfully wove together diverse perspectives from our team, guiding us to unveil the expression we aimed to bring to life.

From the outset, the transparent expectations surrounding the process set the stage for a seamless partnership. The time and dedication, the deep listening, and the guidance demonstrated by Kelly and Dave added immense value to our journey, making the entire process not just productive, but truly enjoyable.

We highly recommend their services for a transformative and rewarding experience.”

Erin Feger
Partner, Biome Capital Partners