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How we can help

We’re big on service. There’s no layers of hierarchy here, only committed experts who are great listeners and know their stuff. Here’s some of the ways we can help you maximise your reach to the people that matter to you. Every project has different needs and our experience across many different sectors means we are equipped to deal with most challenges.

  • Define a unique brand vision, values, purpose, messaging, tone of voice, visual and verbal identity
  • Audience and competitive analysis
  • Market positioning and optimisation
  • Create clarity and simplicity from complexity
  • Design of concepts and execution to production of all printed, digital and video assets
  • Manage a select network of proven collaborators and deliver to a high standard on time and on-budget
  • Brand guardianship, ensuring quality and consistency in the future
  • Make you look and sound amazing!

We have a proven methodology to brand development and design, and client participation is always key. We work closely with you on addressing all the key challenges by building structure, logic and clarity to the task. That means all the important big picture stuff, like defining the desired outcomes, the vision, audience analysis, competitive context, and message hierarchy, all of which help set you apart and position you for tomorrow. Skip this part and and it’s all presumptive guesswork and window-dressing, and that’s not what we do.

Equally we understand that creativity must work hand-in-hand with planning, coordinating and managing time, resources and money. Key to it all is the relationship. If there’s an understanding of the impact and value that can be created when done right, then everybody wins. If you just want to jazz up your slide deck please don’t contact us.

Here’s how it breaks down.





Defining your objectives, understanding the workings of the target audience and competition, what you stand for and going deep into the ‘why’s and ‘how’s that drive the way forward to achieving long-term success and exceeding expectations.


Brand Identity

Creating the outward-facing expression of who you are, what you’re doing, how you look and what you sound like.



Bringing the brand to your audience, implementing the identity across all customer touchpoints, digital and physical. Creating unique, ownable brand assets with photography, video, copywriting and more.



Measuring success, maintaining consistency and quality, ensuring that your brand continues to evolve and adapt.


Brand strategy and workshop lead

Brand identity design and rollout across print and digital

Name generation and copywriting

Brand and promotional campaign concepts and design

Website workshop facilitation, including sitemap development and UX optimisation

Creative direction of designers, photographers and illustrators

Video storyboarding and art direction for video live action and animation

Environmental branding and workplace design

Corporate communication including copywriting and design

Signage and wayfinding design

Social media campaign and content production

Packaging and merchandise design


“With the NEC website the response internally and externally has been overwhelmingly positive.
It has become the benchmark for NEC Group companies globally with many contacting us wanting to emulate it.
Make Tomorrow played a massive part in that so once again thank you!”

Clinton Byrne
Marketing Manager, Marketing & Communications