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Twelve is a carbon tech company at the forefront of carbon transformation, creating products out of thin air. Well, CO2 to be precise. Using only renewable energy and water they are able to create raw materials than are used to make jet fuel, plastics, concrete and food to name a few. The only by product they say, is oxygen.

What role does their brand play in their success and how have they used it to share their story? To understand this we need to deconstruct the brand into its component parts.

It all starts with a name. The Twelve name refers to the Carbon-12 isotope, the most abundant form of the element that amounts to 99% of the carbon on Earth. Given this is at the heart of why Twelve exists, this make perfect sense. From our perspective the name is simple, relevant and ultra-contemporary, and adds an enigmatic quality to the brand that invites curiosity.

Why does Twelve exist? In their words: “We realise there is a short window of time to do something about climate change and and we will not stand by and just let it happen” This is a great example of a big purpose, a reason for being and the thing that motivates the team to show up every day. They are clearly passionate about living this purpose, from the boardroom to laboratory, both in work and in life.

It’s clear that the Twelve brand is embedded in the business – through culture, actions, recruitment, relationships and communications.

How does this benefit the target audience, and why should they care? In a climate crisis breakthrough technology such as this is a critical step towards global sustainable climate management. Twelve demonstrate a human-centric ethos to what they are doing, both internally and externally. Given that the end results benefit everyone on the planet this shows an alignment of values and brings us all along on the journey.

There is obviously serious science involved which must be expressed to demonstrate competence and credibility. This has been skilfully blended with clear human benefits and a sense of the big picture, which drives emotion and builds trust.

Twelve are a great example of how to present complex transformational science to a wider audience. and shows a great understanding of how to tell a powerful story with authenticity and empathy for the audience’s capacity for understanding. This all helps to grow the brand beyond the narrow confines of the academic community.

Beyond all this is the sense of excitement and wonder generated by the intelligent expression of truly miraculous science and the potential impact at both macro and micro scales. That is the magic of great brand storytelling.

Company — Twelve. The Carbon Transformation Company
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