Make Tomorrow™ Gradient Case Study Make Tomorrow™ Gradient Case Study

Responsible Artificial Intelligence

The Gradient Institute is an independent, nonprofit research institute that works to build safety, ethics, accountability and transparency into AI systems. Key services include Research, Education, Advice and Auditing. Their high-profile client list includes the Australian Government, the Australian Human Rights Commission, CSIRO, Union Bank, Telstra and Minderoo Foundation amongst others.

Working closely with strategy lead Richard Sauerman, we created an extensive visual brand identity that captures the focus on ‘humanity and rigour’ that serves as the institute’s purpose.

A key driver for the visual language was the idea of the seamless integration of trusted tech into the lives of ordinary people, enabling them to go about their lives with confidence that they are free from unknown and invisible AI-related ‘cyber’ threat.

The visual ‘formula’ reveals 3 sides to the process, the underlying conceptual and structural framework, the resolved finished product and the ‘seamless’ impact on human lives.