A number to live by

Changing the way we approach cancer treatment and prognosis forever.

Atomic Oncology™ are set to revolutionise the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, benefitting millions of people around the world. Their patented methodology is able to analyse individual tumours and determine the likelihood of success of radiotherapy treatment. This customised approach is the first practical solution to predict how patients will respond to treatment and will enable more bespoke treatments that bypass the current one-size-fits-all approach.

The company’s unique Radnost™ technology is the secret sauce that reveals the radio-sensitivity of individual tumours which determines the likely effectiveness of radiotherapy. This gives doctors and their patients invaluable information in determining the best course of treatment.

At this critical juncture of AO’s growth Make Tomorrow™ has developed a cohesive brand identity and visual toolkit that shows the human side of this revolutionary breakthrough. The major challenge for the identity is to connect with multiple diverse stakeholders including patients of all ages, clinicians and regulatory organisations.

The identity system was developed to express the brand purpose of putting human benefits first, and visually represents this by literally putting people front and centre of the visual storytelling.

With the imagery the approach needed to set the right tone with a careful empathetic positioning. Whilst presenting a significant step forward for patients and clinicians it is not a cure and is still important to show a sensitivity to the subject and present the human side with a hopeful and confident demeanour. The language is positive tempered with realism centred around, hope, confidence, trust and belief.