For a cleaner, brighter energy future

Intellihub are the leading providers of innovative metering, data and behind the meter solutions that maximise digital and new energy services in Australia and NZ.

This forms a critical part of the vital and rapidly expanding sector that serves the future of cleaner renewable energy efficiencies.

Our objective was to dig deep into the business objectives and audience analysis to understand and realise the best way to project the identity of this cutting edge technology and data service to optimise the future opportunities and growth in this fast-growing sector.

Working closely with the leadership team we clarified the key purpose and messaging behind the next critical phase of development, distilling the core message to ‘Simplify your energy transition’.

In the process we also analysed the audience profiles, completed a competitive brand audit and established key values to guide and act on internally.

And after all the strategic deep-diving we brought it to life through a comprehensive visual identity and applied it across multiple key customer touchpoints.


Client — Sarah Demenis, Wes Ballantine, Michelle Fahey
Brand Strategy — Kelly Mitchell
Creative Direction — Kelly Mitchell
Design — Josh Coombs, Kelly Mitchell
Video Animation — Matt Roberts